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Maldives Trip

Coming from a crowded city like Mumbai, it is only logical to find a beach destination relaxing. But to me it seemed like Maldives is no ordinary beach destination. For all those who imagine a picture much like the beaches of Thailand, Mauritius or Seychelles I am going to say The Maldives is magical. Pure, breathtakingly beautiful and nothing like you have ever seen before.

Made up of little islands this country is no larger than 4,00,000 people. They speak Dhivehi and are predominantly Islamic. The economy is heavily dependent on tourism with maximum tourists coming in from China. An approximate of thirty to forty thousand Indians, visit the island paradise in a year. If you are a planning a quiet tranquil holiday in a gorgeous location with friends or family or a honeymoon, Maldives is where you should be headed! Top five things one must do in Maldives:

1. Beach/ Lagoon Swimming:
Laze around by the beach and enjoy the sun. It is an absolute delight to swim in the lagoon with crystal clear water, soft white sand and a gorgeous blue sky above you.

2. Snorkeling:
The Maldives has one of the most exotic marine life and attracts tourists from world over. The best area to snorkel is the reefs where most fish come to feed. As the waters get deeper the difference in the type of corals and fish is clearly visible.

3. Try the coconut sorbet:
This freshly made coconut ice-cream is the perfect desert one can ask for. It's refreshingly cooling and delicious. Almost divine!

4. Scuba diving:
Though difficult it isn't impossible to learn. Diving is an experience worth the trouble. Once you have learnt the breathing technique from trained instructors the underwater life you get to witness is out of this world!

5. Maldivian Specialties:
The food mainly consists of spicy curries, Kavaabu (deep-fried snacks made from rice, tuna, coconut, lentils and spices) and rich seafood. Curry leaves is added to a lot of dishes.