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Maldives awarded with Sustainable Tourism Award

Maldives has hundreds of beaches, corals biodiversity and ocean wilderness, we welcome tourists to enjoy our natural small islands destinations . It is a nation built by hundreds of atolls and we strive hard to keep it as pristine, clean and naturally beautiful , we must understand that sustainable tourism leads to sustainable development, we are proud of our island inhabitants who look after our beaches, create jobs and use local produce, conducting sustainable Tourism in every way possible 'Said Hon. Consul Mr. Shalin Tandon while speaking to a huge audience at the World Tourism Conclave held on September 26 th in Mumbai. Shalin Tandon of Maldives Consulate was awarded the Sustainable Tourism Award for best small island nations sustainable Tourism and protection of small island Nations.

The stalwarts of the Tourism fraternity,Climate Reality Project USA, UNWTO, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Maharashtra Tourism, Travel Enthusiasts holiday makers, Tourism boards and academia and Consul Generals from many parts of the globe celebrated World Tourism Conclave and Awards organized by Creed Entertainment and Young Environmentalists in association with UNTWO, Global Sustainable Tourism and Climate Reality Project , focusing on Sustainable Tourism with great success. The conclave called for enforcement of Sustainable tourism norms with focus on passing down an intact planet for the next generation. The conclave stressed how Sustainable Tourism could fight climate change and also awarded successful organizations in the Sustainable industry.This year’s theme is ‘Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development’, celebrated with 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The conclave explored the contribution of tourism to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Regarding motivating more young people to travel with more responsibility Voiced Tanya Satish the World Tourism Day Conclave, 'Our natural wilderness and open spaces are often taken for granted just because they exist through nature and not carved out or constructed. These ecological areas are our natural heritage sites which are living trees, corals, giraffes &they too tell us a story and keep biological biodiversity record of certain species and evolution which for us Young people is Sustainable natural inheritance. Leave it intact

Successful examples of sustainable tourism were outlined by Elsie Gabriel Founder Young Environmentalists Programme and Mentor of Climate Reality Project USA who presented sustainable Tourism practices and how countries like Maldives, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, Latin America, Rwanda, as well as implementation of sustainable tourism were outlined by eco villages, sustainable real estate, sustainable construction, sustainable home stays, sustainable transportation and sustainable wildlife viewing. Over 300 Tourism associations and Travel delegates pledged to contribute locally in their own country and Travel with a purpose to promote sustainable development as a vital responsibility.